Volunteer Staff

We are passionate about the cause and compassionate for the 2.5 million people worldwide living with Multiple Sclerosis…

Karen Lynd– Founder & Executive Director

Casey Mckeon– Events Director

Joy Kupperstein– Volunteer Recruiter & Communications

Melissa Zarzycki– Graphic Design, Public Relations & Marketing

Rose Thomas– Graphic Design, Public Relations & Marketing

Pranali Khadikar– 5K Event “Master Of Disaster”

Rick Pandolfi Twitter Support

Marc Lynd– IT Consultant & Website Design


Board Of Directors:

Donna Kendrick, MBA President

Casey McKeon Secretary

Chris Bennett Advisory Committee Member


Event Volunteers: Bernadette/Lou Costanzo, Casey McKeon, Cherri Fleisch, Connie Smith, Cris Torrisi, Cristina Segal, Daniel Ramirez, Deanna Parkton, Donna Kendrick, Eric Lynd, Jacqui Kennedy, Jennifer Slusarski, Joanne Steinberg, Josh Kupperstein, Joy Kupperstein, Katie Farrell, Kelsey Timte, Kristy McMahon, Lauren Ehring, Lauren Mellon, Leanna DiPrato, Maggie Klumpp, Marc Lynd, Maria Kluge, Melissa/Dennis Zarzycki, Mitch Lynd, Rose Thomas, Sam Kupperstein, Sandi Schaffer, Sandy Franks, Shannah Halper, Sharon Victor, Steve Pallack, Tara Lockstein, Taylor Page

To contact any member of the Run For Research volunteer staff please email: msrunforresearch@gmail.com





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